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TASUS Corporation

TASUS Corporation

“Awakening Ground”

TASUS takes root in Florence, Alabama.

TASUS Corporation, announces the construction launch of a $19 million dollar injection molding manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama.  TASUS will begin hiring production team members, shift supervisors, maintenance and tooling technicians, among others as early as this month.  They will hire over 135 employees in the next 3 – 5 years to meet the production need in the planned 104,000 square foot facility. The facility is currently in the final stages of planning. Full production is scheduled to start in October 2013. A temporary facility in Alabama will begin production as early as November to meet customer demand.


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Our employees are exceptional in every way, our processes are controlled, our automation is advanced, our facilities are spotless, our engineers seek challenges, our team finds solutions, and our quality exceeds customer expectations.

TASUS Corporation has established supplier partnerships with the most highly respected companies in the automotive, transportation and communication industries. Through our commitment to and constant practice of the principles of the Toyota Production System, we offer a company-wide focus on quality, productivity, employee respect and customer satisfaction. We measure our customer relationships in terms of decades. We go to great lengths to insure mutual success. We offer a refreshing approach to programs by applying extensive resources to insure cost-effective, on-time product launches. Some of our specialties include dealing with challenging products processes and tools that require a combination of creative and technical input. We often take marginal programs and turn them into successful products through trouble shooting and re-engineering existing tooling, process improvements, and proper use of automation.

As a tier one and tier two supplier to all major new domestic automotive manufacturers, we are intimate with the challenges and methods required to deliver high quality parts, on time, at competitive prices. With a heavy emphasis on sound manufacturing principles, we effectively incorporate robotics, automation, vision systems, leak testing, welding, adhesive and foam application and virtually any necessary secondary processing into a world-class product.

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